FIMIGroup aquire ViganĂ² international


The acquisition of Viganò International has the goal to reintegrate naturally Fimigroup with a range of products having as source the experience gained in our group. A return that takes place at the end of a troubled saga lasted a few decades. This step also takes place, however, in the typical Fimi’s way of working, which is to offer the customer a certain, stable, competent and innovative point of reference.

Fimigroup won a three-way auction after Viganò was sold by Galbiati Group, which separated the subsidiary from the group holding company.

The advantage of this acquisition are all in favor of the audience of clients who have in the past bought plants more or less performing and today has found themselves without certain references after the company’s closing. With this deal FIMIGroup does not expand its product range but continues in the loyalty of the customer with its Service department, which thanks to the skills gained can safely take actions also on the plants brand Viganò.

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