First important contract signed in 2021!


FIMI Group is pleased to announce the signing of a new contract with one of the worldwide leader company in the aluminum foil products for the supply of a brand-new tension levelling, degreasing and chemical treatment line.

It’s a great opportunity for FIMI to put all its know-how and the patented technologies develop in aluminum sector in order to design a unique line on the market.

In-fact, it will be equipped with the most advanced devices for foil processing and treatment, like:

  • pure tension leveler with Proflexroll®, a pure-stretch-leveler technology with the expandable roller Proflexroll® for improving the flatness of the aluminum strip;
  • alkaline and acid degreasing multi-rolls systems® expressly designed for foil and Cheam coating section, a revolutionary system in the alkaline-acid degreasing treatment that ensure the total elimination of oils and oxides without compromising the mechanical proprieties of the material.

The installation is scheduled for the next year.

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