A brand-new image for a growing company


The starting point was the restyling of the Group’s pyramid of logos, which appeared fragmented and dispersive due to the many acquisitions: the coordination and updating reflect the history and the identity of each reality inside of FIMI, thus finding a new balance and a more contemporary look.

New payoffs have given greater strength to the Company’s missions, as well as to the entire corporate image and to the new company profile, consisting of a Group brochure and several product leaflets that illustrate the whole range of plants and machines in an intuitive and immediate way. 

These features can be found also in the new website,, now online, which embraces all of FIMI’s divisions with a special focus on the user's browsing experience.

The brand-new communication tools also feature videos, including an animation graphic that tells the story, production and accomplishments of FIMIGroup. 

These are the very foundations on which FIMIGroup has decided to establish its new approach to communication, which will very soon find expression in the creation of new assets in the form of social networks, classic advertising and trade fairs.

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